Are you hiring for a position and looking for candidates? As a career development and networking organization, Millennials in Travel is passionate about promoting professional advancement and creating opportunities for our industry partners to meet new, emerging talent.

We maintain an exclusive job board for our members and actively promote career opportunities. If you are interested in posting an available position or have interest in one of the following opportunities, please contact

In January 2018, Millennials in Travel conducted a survey of its members to determine strategies for acquisition and retention of millennial employees, efficacy in sales strategies with millennials, and the changing landscape of a millennial-driven workplace.  This was presented at the 2018 New York Times Travel Show; the presentation can be found here



Here are a few comments form our members who have discovered new career opportunities thanks to Millennials in Travel:

Millennials In Travel is a fantastic organization that I am thankful to be a part of! Not only are they innovative and the first of their kind, but they take things to the next level. The MIT job placement program provided me with a number of open positions in the travel-trade, as well as helped me get my “foot in the door” with a couple of other opportunities. I'm now working with JG Blackbook in a dream role. I am very grateful for the effort Millennials In Travel puts forward for each of their members. If it weren’t for them, who knows where I would be! - Adam Szymanski

After hearing about Millennials in Travel, I attended one of the events and quickly made some great contacts and friends. In conversations with some of the Directors, I learned of a few opportunities in Los Angeles and interviewed with YMT Vacations. Because of MIT, I was able to move into the corporate world of travel in a position I would have never found without joining the organization.  I'm so thankful for the team and for what Millennials in Travel has provided me in helping my career! - Samantha Heck

I have Millennials in Travel to thank for helping me actualize my goal of working in the travel industry. After working in entertainment for 4 years, I realized it was not for me; but I knew I did want to build a career around something I was passionate about, which meant travel. After reaching out to a friend on LinkedIn I was invited to the Millennials in Travel event at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. I met numerous people there, who all seemed truly enthused with their various careers. The next day, I saw a job post on Millennials’ Facebook page about a position for a Product Specialist at Travcoa. I applied, and 2 rounds of interviews later I was offered the position. Without the great networking experience that Millennials in Travel provided I would probably still be out there searching for my dream travel job. - Kate Mayer

Millennials in Travel was a key factor in facilitating my recent change in careers. Not only did I learn about my current job opening through a posting on MIT’s Facebook page, but as a networking organization I established connections to the hiring manager even prior to my interview through the Millennials in Travel membership. I believe this was critical in being considered for the position, and ultimately helped me get the job at  Millennials in Travel has also been extremely beneficial to me in my career path as I had limited contacts in the travel industry in general.  The value of the wide reach of its network base is undeniable and I believe this will only increase as the organization develops and grows nationwide. - James Salisbury

While working as a Corporate Recruiter I was exposed to many people finding their dream job and wanted to do the same. I knew the travel industry was the place for me, but without prior experience I didn’t know how or where to start. After meeting a Millennials in Travel member and hearing about her career, my desire to join the travel industry only grew. She added me to the MIT Facebook group and within a week I saw a post for the exact type of job I’d been looking for, but hadn’t found myself. I applied and got the job! I’m now working as a Product Specialist at Travcoa and couldn’t be happier. Millennials in Travel is an invaluable tool for both those looking to break into the industry and seasoned veterans alike. I will definitely be utilizing their Job Placement Program throughout my career in the travel industry! - Tess Jamieson

I'm so very thankful for Millennials in Travel and the opportunity that they have created for me with an outstanding internship program this summer! - Blane Flora