Job Location: Wyckoff, New Jersey



Jet Set Getaways is a boutique travel agency specializing in luxury travel. We are

committed to delivering exceptional experiences for our clients by building personal

relationships with them as well as suppliers.



The position is perfect for someone who is organized, detail oriented with a positive

attitude. Someone who shares in our passion for travel is a MUST! Since we are in

the early phase of company development, we are looking for someone excited about

the opportunity long term with growth opportunities.

• Exceptional Communication Skills

• Passionate About Travel

• Confidence and Proven Leadership

• Multi-Tasker

• Excellent Time Management Skills

• High Attention to Detail

• Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

• Interest and Experience in Social Media Marketing and Blogging

• Ability to Maintain Professional and Courteous Relationships



• Responsible for assisting in selling and retaining travel clients for cruises, tour

packages, hotels, airfare, etc. This will include liaising with various suppliers to

produce comprehensive vacation proposal.

• Greet clients and communicate effectively to identify exactly what their needs and

expectations are to assist in determining what destination will suit them best.

• Establish rapport and build client relationships.

• Assist in all aspects of securing, finalizing and overseeing clients travel

arrangements. Will include trouble shooting when unexpected challenges arise, as

well as monitoring for any changes that may affect travel plans and helping to

navigate these challenges effectively and in a professional manner.

• Compare various travel options to ensure the best options are being presented to


• Research destinations, hotels, cruises, airfare options, site seeing, and additional

trip information to best meet the client’s needs and expectations.

• Stay informed of worldwide events that may impact clients travel arrangements.

• Process payments, final documents, maintain client information in database, and

various other tasks to ensure travel arrangements have been processed properly.

• Assisting in Client Newsletters

• Manage calendar system for important dates concerning clients travel.

• Input client itineraries into our itinerary app system.



• Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. There are times where longer

hours may be necessary.

• Cover Letter

• Resume

• Personal Travel History: Include Places Visited, Dates, Favorite Places and



To apply for this position, please email the above information to or hit "Apply Now"