Luxury Travel Agent for Global Brand

Location: Los Angeles, California

We are looking for a team member to join America's most prestigious travel agency in Beverly Hills.

Job Responsibilities:

•Provide full-service leisure travel assistance for clients including air, hotel, resort, cruise, restaurant, tours, sightseeing, cars, and much more

•Check availability and process bookings on Sabre, handle client request form initial inquiry to client departure and follow-up

•Offer multiple options for clients

•Trip research including destination, points of interest, regulations, etc

•Email, fax and telephone requests and confirmations

•Follow-up on last minute details, requests, and changes

•Use preferred partner relationships for best availability, rate, and additional benefits to insure maximum access and highest service levels for clients

•Stay up-to-date through ongoing research on products and services through the use of the Internet, contact with sales representatives, industry publication, newspapers and other magazines

Job Requirements:

•At least 3 years of experience on Sabre GDS and experience working in a Travel Agency environment.

•Knowledge of Virtuoso and its travel partner membership

•Ability to work well under stress and with tight deadlines

•Ability to communicate clearly and professionally with clients, supervisors, and co-workers both verbally and in writing

•Ability to work independently and in a team with direction from a manager

•Strong organizational skills required to maintain up-to-date and accurate records and client correspondence

•Excellent problem-solving skills, as well as initiative, resourcefulness and creativity

Please send resumes referencing this career opportunity to and be prepared to submit a custom itinerary you have created.