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Officer of Development
Maggie Brewe

Officer of Communications
Nathan Cripps

Officer of Membership
Margot Windenburg

Officer of Events
Shawn Kirschenman

Officer of development

maggie brewe - Zegrahm Expeditions

Maggie was born and raised in Seattle and attended Western Washington University where she studied Business Marketing. Her passion for travel and admiration for other cultures led her to study, live, work and of course travel throughout the South Pacific and Asia after graduation. Upon returning home from a stint of living in China, she began working for a South Pacific Wholesaler and eventually found her way to Zegrahm Expeditions. She is working as a Expedition Advisor and is ecstatic to be surrounded by people who share the same passion for the industry.  Some of her favorite experiences include trekking in Western Mongolia, camping on the beaches of Southern China, exploring caves in Belize and of course enjoying all that Seattle has to offer in the mountains and ocean. Maggie is thrilled to be a part of Millennials in travel and thinks it is exactly what the industry in Seattle needs to get and stay connected. 

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OFFICER OF membership


Margot has always had a passion for travel starting with reading endless National Geographic magazines when she was a child, along with having a desire to leave her hometown of Temecula CA with the dream of experiencing bigger and bolder things.  Her first trip was traveling across country alone at 17 by train for six weeks, at 19 she moved to Las Vegas where she started her first travel job, pushing wheelchairs at McCarran Airport.  After a year she moved to Seattle where she has resided ever since and where her travel career really started, working in a retail agency which focused on the South Pacific.  Margot spent a total of 15 years in sales roles focusing on Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and has traveled the region extensively, but always felt the desire to focus on selling her own backyard, the Pacific Northwest.  She is currently the Director of Sales for Clipper Vacations.

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Officer of Events

Shawn kirschenman - spike and Tie 

Shawn Kirschenman is a dedicated travel professional and enthusiast who has travel on the mind from dusk until dawn. He has traveled to 33 countries, half of which he visited solo. Shawn spent his younger years as a full-time nomad, living on-board a luxury train traversing throughout North America. His personal travel style varies, everything from adventure backpacking to opulent resorts. He’s embarked on missions to find delicious myeolchi-bokkeum in South Korea, epic road trips across India and Morocco, pampered at luxurious Relais & Châteaux properties around the world, and soaked in hidden geothermal hot springs in Iceland! His experiences led him to a career as a travel advisor where he succeeds at organizing, researching, planning, coordinating, and implementing the logistics of successful once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences for myself and others.

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