A New Age: Reaching the Millennial Market

The millennial generation - typically described as those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s - is quickly altering the travel and tourism industry. Having grown up with near-ubiquitous internet access and beginning their professional careers in the wake of a financial crisis, millennials are using technology to make savvy travel-buying decisions, largely based on the perceived authenticity of the experience they are offered.

Want to Attract Millennials? 'Talk to Us,' Advises Tour Op Exec

Millennial travelers are interested in authenticity, fulfillment and sustainability. That’s a message that tour operators, travel agents and the entire travel industry needs to understand, according to Ashish Sanghrajka, president of Big Five Tours & Expeditions. 

Sanghrajka, who is 36, recently joined the Millennials in Travel board of directors as director of industry relations. (See sidebar.)  He – and Millennials in Travel – are on a mission to educate the industry about the millennial market. Their objective is two-fold – to attract millennial clients and to enlist millennials in travel careers.

Ashish Sanghrajka Joins Millennial Travel's Board of Directors

Ashish Sanghrajka, the president of Big Five Tours and Expeditions, has been appointed Director of Industry Relations on the board of directors for Millennials in Travel.

Through this volunteer based role, the Kenyan native will consult with industry organizations about the next generation of travelers and their expectations. 

Millennials in Travel Launches Fam Program

Agent group Millennials in Travel is introducing a fam program exclusively for members. The first fam will be the Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, in July. The second will visit Brazil and Argentina, in cooperation with LAN Airlines.“We’re very excited for our generation to finally have dedicated opportunities for destination education,” said Cory Green, travel designer with Bruvion Travel and Millennials in Travel’s national manager of fams. Millennials in Travel is also launching two new chapters, one for Phoenix/Scottsdale and one for Alaska.

Millennials in Travel launches New York chapter, jobs listing

Millennials in Travel, a national group for young professionals in travel, has launched a jobs listing and is starting a New York City chapter.

The group said it launched the jobs program because it was receiving inquiries from companies targeting its members.

Millennials in Travel Introduces Jobs Program, Launches NYC Chapter

Milliennials in Travel has kickstarted its Industry Opportunities program designed to help its members learn about open positions within all sectors of the travel industry. How it works: Employers are asked to complete a form with information that matters most to the millennial generation and that information is accessible to qualified members on the organization's website, www.millennialsintravel.com, and promoted through their social media channels...

A New Year, but We Are Getting Younger

The headline above makes no sense, but keep reading and it will. When building a business, always look to the future. The present will only get you so far. Ruthanne Terrero, our editorial director, and I saw this years ago when we created Luxury Travel Advisor. Luxury travel always existed; all we did was put a fence around it, and a gate to only let the selected into our club. We then educated and told the story of luxury travel advisors worldwide and made them better sellers to serve affluent travelers...