Travel Operations Assistant

Indagare is seeking a Travel Operations Assistant to partner with a Trip Designer to manage the logistical and operational needs of all trip-planning activities that will enable our members to discover authentic experiences and make remarkable journeys. Read Less | Apply

What You’ll Do

·        Ensure all-important details are gathered to put together a trip itinerary. This includes:

o   Corresponding by phone and/or email with hotels and other suppliers (tour guides, ground operators, etc) to check rates and availability

o   Making and confirming reservations and services

·        Create and edit detailed trip itineraries

·        Prior to each trip, organize all materials and send out departure packages to our members

·        Expand your knowledge of destinations via Indagare training to grow into a Trip Designer or Travel Operations Lead role

·        Cover for the office receptionist when needed

What You’ll Bring

·        A passion for travel planning and a strong desire in growing into a Trip Designer or Travel Operations Lead

·        Strong organizational skills with demonstrated ability to meet key milestones on time and with quality

·        Excellent attention to detail and follow-through

·        Ability to adjust to changing priorities and handle multiple assignments at once

·        Positive and collaborative attitude

·        Technical skills to get the job done. This includes being proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Acrobat, and Internet Software

·        Bachelor’s degree; at least one year of work experience

How do you apply?
Submit your resume and cover letter including responses to the questions below:

1.     Why are you interested in Indagare and the Travel Operations Assistant opportunity?

2.     What is your unique ability that other people notice and value, is energizing to you and something you love doing?

3.     Describe your biggest professional accomplishment to date.

4.     Where was the last place you traveled to?

5.     How has travel shaped you as an individual?