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The Millennials in Travel National Managers are a team of millennial travel industry leaders that serve under the Board of Directors and focus on specific programs for the organization on the national level. 


National Manager of Industry Opportunities
Position Available 

National Manager of Membership
Kate Mayer

National Manager of Exclusive FAMs
Position Available

National Manager of Social Media
Position Available

National Manager of Digital Content
Veronica Espinoza

National Manager of Exclusive Benefits
Delphia McCarty


Kate mayer - travcoa

Kate graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BA in Communication. Before ever leaving the country, she knew early on she wanted to see the world, and a backpacking trip across Europe at 18 helped solidify this. After a career in entertainment instilled a rigorous work ethic, she realized her passion could also be her career, and began working at Travcoa as a Product Specialist in the Operations Department. Originally focusing on escorted group travel in Asia, India and the South Pacific, Kate now works on tours across the globe. Kate is on the board of the Los Angeles chapter of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa (APTA), is an avid travel and food blogger and has just traveled to her 30th country. 

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Allie Schratz - 

Allie graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Journalism, then abandoned her coats and boots in favor of flip-flops and San Diego's endless sunshine to take the Editor position at Business Review Australia magazine. Here, she fueled her desire to further explore the business culture of the Asia Pacific region and showcased in-depth coverage of one of Australia’s biggest and most successful industries: tourism. From there, she became the Marketing and PR Coordinator for Tourism Australia in Los Angeles, promoting the country as a top destination for long-haul travelers from the US, Canadian and Brazilian markets. Channeling her passions for travel and global communications into one position, she joined Wagstaff Worldwide, a top travel and hospitality PR agency, in 2014, beginning in Los Angeles and then transferring back up to the Bay Area in 2016. She has previously served as the Officer of Communications for Millennials in Travel's flagship Los Angeles chapter, and is thrilled to return to the organization in a national role.

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Veronica Espinoza - Wander Barefoot

As a lover of adventure, culture, people, and everything in-between, Veronica found that the Travel Industry is and has always been the perfect fit for her. She officially joined the industry in 2011, but her love of travel began far before then.  

As a kid, she aspired to travel like a family friend who jetted all around the world collecting unique souvenirs. This, along with frequent family trips throughout Mexico and California formed the idea that she too would one day see all of the world. Veronica has now traveled extensively and continues to travel to new destinations any chance she gets! 

Professionally, Veronica has recently launched her brand, Wander Barefoot as an affiliate of Coastline Travel Advisors. She caters to travelers, who like her, seek out unique travel experiences, outdoor adventure and off the beaten path explorations. As an outdoor enthusiast, Veronica wants to continue to inspire others to step outside and spend their days exploring the beautiful world we live in. 

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NATIONAL MANAGER OF Exclusive Benefits

Delphia McCarty - mccarty creative strategies

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Delphia moved to sunny Southern California eight years ago where she worked in marketing and sales in a few industries before falling in love with the travel industry.  A passionate traveler herself, Delphia is always planning her next adventure and is excited about her recent relocation to Anchorage, Alaska and the opportunity to work in and promote Alaskan tourism.  She has created and managed innovative digital marketing strategies for Contiki Vacations, the world’s #1 travel company for 18-35’s, for almost four years encouraging young people to expand their worldview and see the world.  With years of experience in both online and traditional marketing she has also done consulting for small businesses and boutique properties looking to attract new clients and improve their marketing and sales efforts.  

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