Explore a Central American Safari, at Nekupe.

Ever want to go horseback riding, drive ATV's, play with monkeys and do some clay shooting all while having an active Volcano as your backdrop? Nekupe is just the place...and the greatest part? You don't have to travel around the globe to do it.

There are several direct flights to Nicaragua from the US and even if you happen to live in a city without a direct flight, it's still pretty easy. I was lucky enough to travel to Nicaragua last week from Los Angeles. We took a 10pm flight from LAX and were at the hotel sipping on a signature drink by 11am the next day. Super easy and Super worth it. 

Now, let the fun begin! Along with your amazing room, you're assigned a personal Ranger that helps you explore the resort. How do you get around you ask? An ATV of course! Way cooler than any golf cart you'll ever get at a hotel. Your activities and meals are all included in the cost of your room too....pretty hard to beat that. 

I'm not the only one to think this new hotel is something to see and know about, Nekupe was just named one of the "Best New Hotels in the World" by Travel + Leisure

I could walk you through the day by day but why would I do that when I can show you? Check out my adventure, it was Epic to say the least and of course, let me know when I can book your trip! Contact me at jennifer@imouttravels.com